Kate Bones is a GIF Artist and Photographer based in London. After studying Fine Art Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art, she found herself drawn to portraiture through moving image; and it is through a mixture of talent, perseverance and sheer obsession that she has carved a unique path for herself as a GIF artist. Her kaleidoscopic hyper-real 3D animations instinctively bridge the gap between still and moving image. It’s an on-going experimental journey in which she is constantly pushing the boundaries of the GIF medium by fusing analogue and digital technologies. This rebel approach sees her twisting everything into mix, delighting in the synthesis of low-fi and hi-tech techniques, from shooting on vintage 1980s 3D cameras, incorporating hand drawn, rotoscoping skills, to pulling her ideas through the latest 3D software to build mesmerising 360-degree portraits. This puts Kate right at the forefront of exploring the potential of the GIF format as a visual language to connect with the post-millennial generation. She intuitively creates narratives that celebrate diverse characters who are often under-represented in mainstream media. Working with drag queens was a pivotal moment for her, their exuberant creativity inspired a burst of colour and fun in her work that has been evident ever since. Kate's inventive & artistic dynamic gives her the tools with which to bring the people she meets vibrantly to life, framing them in joyously hypnotic never-ending moments.

Her work has been widely featured in publications including Hunger, Dazed, Wonderland and Love, and her commercial clients includes Nike, Facebook, The Globe Theatre, Smirnoff, Red Bull, Rimmel, Block9, Glastonbury, Baileys, The Grammy’s and Missguided.



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