I worked with emerging musician Evadney to create visuals including press shots, artwork and a video for their upcoming EP release on Black Acre. The images were created using a 3D modelling technique. I chose this over the traditional medium of photography, in order to create a set of arresting and unusual portraits.

“Taking inspiration from the renaissance sculpture of Michelangelo and the modern sculpture of Rodin; I wanted to decontextualise these archetypal versions of the male figure and create new figurative forms using contemporary 3D modelling software. This technique is most commonly used for the documentation of objects and spaces so it was a further distortion to use it as a photographic tool to shoot portraits. Due to time and erosion these sculptures are often fractured and have limbs missing. This was a flaw I had noticed with my previous 3D captures but something I wanted to intentionally use as part of the main aesthetic for this project.

From a point of cultural representation, we were excited to take reference from a place not normally representative of the black male body, as this type of classic sculpture is most often associated with a caucasian representation of beauty.”